Laurimar Specialist Centre

Specialist Investigations Available At Laurimar Medical:


Knox Audiology: (hearing tests and hearing aids)

Phone: 98005941


Cardiolab ( echo-cardiography )

Phone: 9328 2588


SCMI Radiology ( x-ray and ultrasound )

Phone: 9216 1400


For further information, please contact the numbers shown, as these services are independent of Laurimar Medical.


Note: The phone numbers are directed to the consultant’s main rooms. Please advise whether you would want the appointment to take place at their Laurimar rooms.


Dr Paulina Alhucema

Consultant Paediatrician

Phone: 9717 0804


Dr Stewart Lee

Consultant Ent Surgeon

Phone: 9817 4366


Dr Dayan Chandrasekhara

Consultant Ent Surgeon

Phone: 9817 4366


Dr Vivek Malipatil

Consultant Sleep And Respiratory Specialist

Phone: 9468 0110


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