Immunisations for Children:


Immunisation at Laurimar Medical is quick and convenient. It is carried out by our nursing staff under supervision of our doctors.


We strongly encourage all children to be immunised according to the Australian Childhood Vaccination Schedule


A complete range of childhood vaccines is available at our clinic. If you have a child under 6 months of age, you should be immunised against whooping cough. The Victorian government is currently funding this for parents of children under 6 months.


All immunisations are reported to the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register (ACIR) to assist in reminding parents when further immunisations are due.


Please feel free to discuss your child’s immunisation needs with your doctor.



Immunisation For Adults:


Many adults need to be immunised too. If you suffer from a chronic health condition, or are over 65, you are eligible for government-subsidised influenza and pneumonia vaccination.



Immunisation for Travel:

We keep travel vaccines in stock which means we can make travel immunisation simple for you by giving it to you on the same day as your consultation where appropriate.


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