Chronic Disease

Chronic Disease Management


Our team takes a special interest in chronic disease management.



Chronic medical conditions:


A chronic medical condition is one that has been (or is likely to be) present for six months or longer. It includes, but is not limited to, conditions such as:


  • Asthma
  • Chronic lung disease (emphysema/bronchitis/copd)
  • Cancer
  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • High blood pressure
  • Arthritis
  • Stroke, etc


Evidence has shown that chronic diseases are best treated in a planned setting with regular GP reviews and specialist input where appropriate. This can be achieved through something called a gp management plan (or care plan). Our team can help you determine whether a plan is appropriate for you.



GP Management Plan (Bulk Billed)


A GP Management Plan (GPMP) can help people with chronic medical conditions by providing a comprehensive, organised approach to care. A GPMP is a plan of action that you have agreed with your GP.



Team Care Arrangements (TCA) (Bulk Billed)


If you have a chronic medical condition and complex care needs, your GP may also develop team care arrangements (TCA).  These help your GP coordinate the care you need from other health care providers involved in the management of your health.



Payment Arrangements:


Developing a GPMP or TCA can much more time than a normal consultation. Please advise our reception that the appointment is for a care plan and we will book a longer appointment.

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